Tax Law


For most people, the announcement of a tax audit – even if they have always filed their tax returns to the best of their knowledge and belief and have always reliably paid the assessed taxes – is quite unpleasant.

Precisely because a tax audit is often a new, unfamiliar situation, we consider it particularly important to prepare you for this situation.

Together with you, we will identify possible points of discussion and attack by the tax office even before the audit takes place. In addition, we will inform you comprehensively about your rights and obligations within the scope of the audit and also explain to you the rights and obligations of the tax office. For example, the tax authority is obligated to determine the lawful basis for taxation on the basis of the tax audit regulations. These can be either in your favor or against you.

With our advice, you are fully prepared for the tax audit, so that its implementation is as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

In order to achieve the most positive outcome possible for you, a well-prepared final meeting conducted with negotiating skills is of immense importance. Through our professional competence as well as detailed preparation, we successfully represent your interests already in the final meeting and can thus in many cases avoid a lengthy appeal procedure.

If you have already been audited and the resulting audit findings are disputed, we will check – gladly together with your tax advisor – whether it makes sense and is in your interest to file an appeal against the audit findings.

We support you before, during and at the conclusion of a tax audit – with many years of experience, comprehensive knowledge of the procedures within the tax authorities and the necessary negotiating skills.