Criminal Law

Business criminal law

All criminal offenses that are punishable by law in the area of business and those that have a connection to business life belong to white-collar criminal law. For example, fraud, subsidy fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, bankruptcy, withholding and embezzlement of wages are only some of the charges you may be confronted with in the context of white-collar criminal proceedings.

In white-collar criminal proceedings, early advice from an expert legal counsel is of immense importance, as the proceedings differ in different ways from “classic” criminal proceedings.

White-collar criminal proceedings are often characterized by complexity, duration and scope already in the preliminary proceedings. They require experience and expertise in dealing with the usually extensive files, the support during the sometimes very long investigation period and the assessment of possible significant effects on the economic existence of the client.

Our goal is always to develop a defense strategy for you that is tailored to your individual case. In this context, the avoidance of possible criminal consequences, such as a possible disqualification from acting as a managing director under the German Limited Liability Companies Act, a threatened professional ban or entries in the corruption register, is also part of the effective defense.