Tax Law

Fiscal court proceedings

An action before the fiscal court is the next necessary step if your appeal against a tax assessment has been unsuccessful and you have received a negative objection decision in this respect.

If no satisfactory solution has been found for you by way of an out-of-court appeal, we will also be happy to represent your interests before the fiscal courts – if necessary up to the highest instance.

We represent you comprehensively in all proceedings, such as in particular an action against a tax assessment, an application for suspension of execution, an appeal or an appeal on points of law.

Together with you, we weigh up the costs and the risk of a fiscal court case in order to achieve a result that also makes economic sense for you.

Due to our knowledge of substantive and procedural tax law as well as our practiced handling of the fiscal court code, we represent you in the best possible way during the respective fiscal court proceedings. By means of a friendly, sovereign and competent conduct of the conversation, we accompany you during the oral proceedings before the fiscal court.