Criminal Law

Law enforcement / penal system

Execution of sentences and execution of sentences

You are entitled to be represented by legal counsel at any time, even during the execution of your sentence and the execution of your sentence. At this stage, too, there are many positive possibilities which we can realize for you.

The law governing the execution of sentences basically includes all measures that are necessary to initiate and monitor the pronouncement of the sentence.

By instructing us at an early stage to defend you during the execution of your sentence, we can use our expertise and years of experience to influence both your sentence and the ancillary consequences (e.g. the imposition of a driving ban) in your favor.

If you or a relative are in a correctional facility, we will obtain a precise picture of your specific situation by inspecting the enforcement booklet or probation booklet or the prisoner personnel file and thus gain a precise overview of the possibilities of positively influencing your situation.

Especially towards the end of a prison term, questions regarding the remaining sentence become significant. Here, there are possibilities to achieve a suspended sentence for you. We advise and represent you in possible suspensions of the remainder of the sentence at the half or two-thirds point in time.

We can often help you even before you go to prison. At this stage, we can assist you with the possibility of a stay of execution (for up to four months), an application for incapacitation, and the possibility of deferring a sentence for the purpose of drug treatment.

The term “execution of a sentence” refers to the execution of an imposed custodial sentence and security detention pursuant to Section 66 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) and, in this respect, is particularly relevant to the question of when and how a deprivation of liberty takes place. It regulates the manner of detention; the rights and obligations of the detainee can be defined, and leave and relief from execution can be made possible. It is also possible to obtain their transfer to another detention facility near your family.

The penal system regulates how the sentence will be enforced, for example, whether the convict will be given leave or enforcement relaxations. This also includes the rights and obligations of the prisoner within the correctional facility.

In the event of a mandate, we can inspect all files kept on you. If a correctional plan is to be drawn up, we can attend the correctional plan conference on your behalf, with the aim of providing you with comprehensive information.

In addition, we have the ability to obtain your entitlements to treatment measures such as curfew, release or vacation by filing appropriate petitions and may also be able to help you obtain minor amenities such as receiving magazines or newspapers, a radio or television.