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The law firm Mügge, Dr Pitschel & Partner | MPP Lawyers, based in Göttingen, advises on all aspects of criminal law and tax law throughout Germany.

By focusing on these specific areas of law, continuous training and the resulting high degree of specialization, we can represent you optimally, effectively and with the necessary professional expertise.

We always offer you competent advice and solution-oriented defense. Trust our expertise in criminal and tax law and benefit in particular from our many years of experience in the field of criminal defense. In our law firm, the individual persons/companies and their problems are in the foreground, regardless of which accusation you are facing.

The defense is consistent, unyielding, unconditional and solution-oriented, but also empathetic and individually tailored to you.

Thus, we represent you not only in the area of general criminal law, juvenile, traffic and narcotics criminal law, etc., but primarily in the area of commercial criminal law (including criminal tax law). Our client support extends to all areas of criminal proceedings. We support you in preliminary proceedings, judicial proceedings as well as in the appeal instances.


Karl-Heinz Mügge


Dr. Anthea Pitschel


Julia Kant, MPP

Julia Kant, LL.M.



In many cases, advice and legal representation during the preliminary proceedings can not only create legal clarity and security for the client, but also help to develop an effective defense strategy at an early stage or even work towards ending the proceedings at this stage. Especially if you have innocently fallen into the role of the accused, we recognize it as our primary task to disprove the initial suspicion against you as quickly as possible. We can also help you if you have received an indictment or an order of summary punishment, if you have been summoned to appear in court for a trial, or if you wish to appeal or review a judgment.

Personal & Competent

We offer help and competent advice in legal matters and crisis situations.

At every stage of the proceedings, it is our concern to draw the attention of the investigating authorities and courts to the human and social causes of personal (mis)behavior – thus many people find themselves as “defendants” not because they acted according to plan, but due to strokes of fate, momentary failures or a chain of unfortunate circumstances.

Together with you, we discuss the accusation you have been accused of, discuss the factual situation on the basis of the case file, and develop the best possible defense strategy that fits your case. In doing so, we pursue a holistic approach and do not disregard your personal and economic situation. We support you throughout the entire proceedings and ensure that a fair trial is observed.