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Sport is a passion that unites millions of people. But sport is also an area in which conflicts, offences and penalties can arise. Whether you as an athlete, coach, official or club are confronted with sports criminal law, we are there for you. As a law firm specialising in sports criminal law, we will provide you with competent, committed and reliable support.

What is sports criminal law?

Sports criminal law is an area of law that deals with the criminal consequences of actions in sport. This involves both the application of state criminal law and the enforcement of sanctions imposed by associations. These two areas are supplemented by the special features of tax law in sport. Sports criminal law includes, among other things

Criminal offences: there are a large number of criminal offences that are specifically tailored to the area of sport or are more frequently relevant in this area. These include in particular

  • Bodily injury offences,
  • Corruption offences,
  • Offences against the Medicines Act (doping),
  • Sexualised violence in sport,
  • Discriminatory and racist behaviour,
  • competition manipulation,
  • fraud and
  • embezzlement.

These offences can be punished by both the state prosecution authorities and the sports associations. As experienced criminal defence lawyers, we are at your side if you are accused of such an offence and wish to defend yourself against such an accusation.

Doping/violation of the Medicines Act: A particularly relevant criminal offence in sport is the violation of the Medicines Act through doping. This involves the use of prohibited substances or methods to enhance or maintain performance in sport. The penalties can range from fines and bans to custodial sentences.

If you are accused of doping, an immediate and effective defence against this accusation is usually of particular importance. Get in touch with us so that we can help you as quickly as possible and in a solution-orientated manner.

Tax law: Tax regulations are also important in the area of sports criminal law. Some examples in this area are

  • Proper declaration of income from sport,
  • Tax treatment of sponsorship or advertising contracts,
  • Defence against additional tax claims,
  • payment of VAT on sports services and
  • Compliance with non-profit regulations for sports clubs.

As specialised lawyers in tax law, we advise you on all tax issues and problems in the field of sport. We represent you in tax matters before the tax authorities or the criminal courts if you are suspected of tax evasion. We also advise you if you want to prevent the risk of possible tax evasion.

Association rules: The association regulations that standardise the behaviour of athletes, coaches, officials and clubs in sport are part of sports criminal law.

These regulations can vary depending on the type of sport and association, but usually have a common core: they are intended to ensure the fairness, safety and integrity of sport. Breaches of the code of conduct can lead to disciplinary measures such as fines, warnings, point deductions, suspensions or exclusions.

Why do you need a specialised sports criminal law lawyer?

Sports criminal law is a complex and dynamic area of law that requires specialised knowledge and experience. Not every lawyer is familiar with the particularities of sport and the specific rules and regulations of sports associations. We are. We have many years of expertise in sports criminal law and know the players, the procedures and the pitfalls. We know how to effectively represent your interests in sport. We are not only lawyers, but also sports enthusiasts who understand and appreciate sport.

How can we help you?

We offer you comprehensive advice and representation in sports criminal law. We support you in all phases of the proceedings, from prevention to defence to appeal. We are there for you if you:

  • Have received or fear a criminal investigation or charge in connection with sport,
  • want to defend yourself against an unjustified or disproportionate penalty in sport,
  • would like competent advice or representation on all tax law issues and problems that may arise in connection with your sporting activities,
  • want to introduce or optimise a compliance system in your sports club or association in order to prevent possible infringements,
  • need legal advice and assistance in any other sports criminal law matter.

We are here for you. Contact us today and arrange a consultation.