Tax Law

Tax dispute

A tax dispute always arises when you, as a taxpayer, do not take the same view of a tax matter as the responsible tax office.

Before such a dispute can or must be decided in a court proceeding, the legislator provides for a so-called extrajudicial legal remedy procedure in the form of the objection procedure. This out-of-court procedure is initiated by filing an objection and ends with an objection decision by the competent tax office.

If you are not satisfied with the objection decision of the tax office, you can then take legal action before the tax court. In this case, we will file an action before the competent tax court on your behalf and thus bring the dispute to a court decision.

We can advise and represent you effectively and in a goal-oriented manner both during an out-of-court appeal, a fiscal court proceeding, and in proceedings before the highest German fiscal court, the Federal Fiscal Court.

When advising and representing you, we always focus on your individual interests and try to enforce them with both vehemence and the necessary ability to cooperate in individual cases. You will benefit from our experience in dealing with the tax authorities and fiscal courts.

Due to our extensive expertise not only in tax law, but also in criminal law, we can provide you with the best possible defense even if criminal tax proceedings are initiated against you during a tax dispute. Due to our firm’s specialization in tax law and criminal law, we can use our expertise in both areas of law to best represent you both in tax dispute proceedings and before the criminal court.