Tax Law

Tax investigation

Preliminary proceedings have been initiated against you for tax evasion? The tax investigation department is knocking on your door? Keep calm, invoke your right to remain silent, make full use of this right (do not provide any information) and contact us as your legal counsel.

If an investigation has been initiated against you, there is no reason to panic. Investigation proceedings can be initiated against entrepreneurs as well as against private persons for different reasons. In particular, control notifications, account inquiries, company audits or (anonymous) reports can give rise to the initiation of preliminary proceedings and the associated investigative measures (such as searches and seizures).

Both after the initiation of a preliminary investigation and during the execution of a search measure, we represent your interests vis-à-vis the financial authorities. We prepare you with our knowledge and expertise before, during and – if necessary – also after the investigations carried out by the tax investigation.

Our goal as your legal counsel is always to support your rights and, in the best case, to prevent serious interventions by the tax investigation or the public prosecutor’s office.

Based on our many years of experience, we know the mechanisms and means of the tax authorities and can use this knowledge to represent you in your interests and in your favor.