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In Germany, tax regulations are a complex matter that affects both businesses and individuals. Tax law serves as the legal foundation for the assessment and collection of taxes, applying not only to individual citizens but also to businesses, associations, and foundations.

Our expertise in tax law encompasses a wide range of tax types, including income, corporate, sales, and trade taxes. Our in-depth understanding of these taxation processes enables us to develop individualized solutions to achieve the best possible tax outcomes for our clients.

Your Trusted Partners in Tax Law:

We accompany and support you in all tax-related challenges. This includes tax audit procedures, objection proceedings, interim legal protection procedures, as well as enforcement, deferral, or remission procedures. We specialize in defending against liability notices, correction declarations, voluntary disclosures, and proceedings before tax courts.

Our law firm is based in Göttingen and operates in various cities, including Hannover, Kassel, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. As specialist attorneys in tax law, we take pride in providing optimal support to our clients in these regions. Our extensive experience and deep expertise in tax matters allow us to develop outstanding solutions and deliver top-quality legal support.

Collaboration with Tax Advisors:

We value close collaboration with tax advisors to ensure comprehensive care of your tax matters. This allows for a holistic solution and ensures that you are optimally supported in every phase of the process.

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